Ideal Water Heater Temperature

Water Heater Temperature Setting

What is the Perfect Temperature Setting for a Hot Water Heater?

Many water heaters are programmed to 140 degrees. This is a good temp Albuquerque Water Heater Repairbecause the bacteria, legionella, are not able to breed and nearly all are not able to live in such hot temps. Even so, 140 degrees can be too hot for small kids and seniors. If one is striving to save cash also, consider adjusting the water temp to around 120 and 130 degrees. The cost savings is not incredibly substantial, but this is the lowest advised heat to avoid contaminating water with legionella.

While this bacteria is fine to drink, it can be incredibly unsafe if taken into the lungs. Legionella lives and breeds in warm water but not in hot water. But, when considering what temps to set ones water heater to, it is important not to set it too high. 2nd and third degree burns can take place on adult skin in five seconds with the preset temperature of 140 degrees, so do not set the water temperature any higher and think about setting it lower if there are small kids or seniors in the home.

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