What Not to Put Down a Sink Drain

One may believe there are a number of things which can be washed down a home drain without harming the pipes. While this is relatively correct, there are likewise a lot of things that certainly must not be rinsed down any home drain including sinks and toilets. A few of these consist of, but are not limited to:

  • Food that can easily build up and block drains, like coffee grinds, potato peels, pasta, and egg shells.
  • Thick and poisonous chemicals that can clog up the drain and might be hazardous for soil and water sources. Such as: motor oil, transmission fluid, and anti-freeze.
  • Paper goods that could bend or expand creating blockages. Such as: cotton balls, paper towels, feminine products, and cotton swabs.  Check out more items here.

The pressure that is forced on water to drive through drains is incredible and makes the water incredibly powerful. But drains are little and can get clogged easily resulting in many issues for ones wallet and can potentially bring about problems for the environment. Be mindful of what is going down the drain. Check out this source to learn more about what to prevent from going down the drain.

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